Patricia Michael

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My Fair Lady

Croydon and European Tour 1983 - Role: Eliza Doolittle

"Patricia Michael as Eliza Doolittle was undoubtedly the shining star of this show."

–Priska Frank, Utrechts Nieuwsblad, 1983

"…the latest Eliza, Patricia Michael. She makes an appealing progress from the draggle-tail flower girl to the cultivated society lady…. All Eliza's songs are well sung by Miss Michael, with special buoyancy for 'I could have danced all night.'"

–Gwendolyn Pearson, The Advertiser, Croydon

"Leading lady Patricia Michael more than rose to the occasion in the role of Eliza Doolittle."

–Croydon Borough News, 1983

"Patricia Michael is a warm, generous, gutsy spitfire of an Eliza who mellows persuasively in the second act."

–Kentish Times, 1983

"Eliza, played with sympathy by Patricia Michael…even with her most rasping cockney accent, is always a delight"

–Surrey Mirror, 1983

"She possesses a beguiling singing voice – which coped with all the musical numbers without a strain – and walks with a flowing grace."

Grab Me A Gondola

Dublin 1962 - Role: Virginia Jones

"As Virginia Jones, Patricia Michael plays the part with considerable verve and an exquisite sense of satire."

"Patricia Michael, in the Diana Dors take-off, is the most glamorous creature Dublin has seen for many moons"

Guys and Dolls

Birmingham 1973 - Role: Sister Sarah

"The definitive display is given by Patricia Michael as the mission doll Sarah Brown singing 'If I Were a Bell'. If you want to know what this song is about, go and see Miss Michael sing it. She starts drunk and gets worse and makes the whole thing a knock-out."

–The Sunday Mercury, Birmingham

The Man Who Came To Dinner

Richmond 1970 - Role: Lorraine Sheldon

"Notable is Patricia Michael as an old-style Hollywood film star, Lorraine Sheldon. Miss Michael, mainly known as a singer and musical comedy star, reveals a magnificent sense of comedy, and her solo act on the telephone when she is made the victim of a marriage hoax is worth the money alone"

The Threepenny Opera

York 1975 - Role: Polly Peachum

"Patricia Michael, a vital Polly who shows herself just as forceful as any of the greedy Peachums"

Mother Goose

Edinburgh 1970 - Role: Colin

"Patricia Michael is Colin, Mother Goose's son, and must be about the most attractive Principal Boy seen in Edinburgh for a long time"

"This pantomime is blessed with a very dashing Principal Boy in Patricia Michael, who does not go in for any of the hearty, mannish mannerisms of the species."

Queen of Hearts

Leatherhead 1966 - Role: Princess of Hearts

"Patricia Michael is an engaging and lovely Princess of Hearts"

–Surrey Advertiser and County Times