Patricia Michael

One of the most striking features of Patricia Michael's long and distinguished career in British musical theatre is the consistent quality of her work, and her ability to be convincing in both home-grown and American musicals. She had a strength and professionalism that seemed rare, one of the most incisive voices of her generation, and could look ravishing on stage. She had a chameleon like ability to change her stage personality, allied to a clean and precise technique. Compelling and graceful, she married good taste with gentleness and sophistication and was a type of leading lady we are unlikely to see again. [complete biography]

–Adrian Wright, Theatre Historian

"Margot is Patricia Michael and she is so absolutely right for a 1920 heroine that I cannot divine if her exaggerated gestures were romantic parody or not. There is nothing on our modern stage, believe me, to match the moment when, after half-heartedly resisting her desert lover, she leans back in rapture against his manly bosom."

–Felix Barker, The Evening News, May 1967

"Pat Michael, who is by far the best thing in the "typically Twenties" scenes. Miss Michael looks, acts and seems to breathe the period and wears her costumes delightfully. She also gives an impression of belonging to New York."

–R.B. Marriott, The Stage, October 1962

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